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         ALL NEW CONCEPT X2 Preview


already has shown his superior capabilities during his very first contest victory, even though there was just the very first vacuum bagged rough prototype wing in use.
Nothing better as testing a new design during the heat of a contest, with direct compare to other planes flying at the same time under very same conditions.

The over all design target of the new "CX2" wing is an advanced speed- and distance range, combined with excellent wind penetration and of course throw height, without a reasonable sacrifice in floating capabilities.
Therefore, the new "CX2", in the first place, will be the perfect "weapon" under rough and windy conditions, as well as opening new dimensions in distance for thermal hunting under more calm conditions.

All together,this makes the new "CX2" the perfect completion, as the newest member for the CONCEPT-X family arsenal.

Besides the holistic RE-adapted wing loft, composed of several newly designed wing sections, arranged from root to tip...... WINGLETS can further improve the overall wing efficiency in circular flight and at lower velocity ranges as proven in almost any modern high efficiency wing design.
The Advanced Fluid Dynamics (AFD) based FEA analysis picture shows very nice the expected velocity /pressure distribution between wing- and Winglet air flow with dramatically reduced vortex generation.

Besides of it's aerodynamic qualities (if properly designed), the winglet can have additional functionality when used as the throw blade.
The "peg-lets" are attached to booth wing tips and can be used for alternate right-and left hand throw.
The fact that "Peg- lets" are positioned at the outermost position of allowed wing span, would add some more throw radius and hence increasing the angular velocity during throw, which would result in the most effective measure to further improve throw height, Based on the simple formula for Kinetic Energy, just half of the DLG's total mass accounts for the resulting amount of stored Kinetic Energy but the DLG's Velocity accounts in square.

As an optional accessory a set of optional installable "Peg-Lets" will be available soon after the new X2 version is in production.

The new "CX2" is available and orders can be accepted, starting now

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